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These Kittens Are Currently Available

All of our pet SBT kittens are sold for $2500.  This is the total kitten Price.   We put the same time, energy and veterinary care into each kitten, therefore, There is no price bouncing and all pet kittens are priced the same.

Sokera & Diesel
Male 1

10-19 silver male


Current Pairings and Planned Litters

We do welcome visits to our home by appointment.  We understand that you may want to visit before placing a deposit.

We will schedule a one hour visit for placing a deposit and picking out a kitten and a one hour visit for pick up.  Our appointments are always planned in advance, and often there may be another person that same day,  So please plan ahead and be timely.  Please remember that this is our home and we have a family. 

 ♥ Rico & Roxx ♥


If you are looking for something special, You may be added to our waitlist to get the first choice of a kitten before they are posted. Please view our published Wait List  here.

Due to COVID, more people are working from home, and will continue to be able to work from home. This has caused an increase in the demand for pets worldwide and unfortunately this has also increased internet scams for pets.

You will always receive an email confirmation for any payments you send us.

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