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General Kitten Information

Once You Get Your Kitten Home

Prior to bringing your new kitten home you are going to want do get a couple things. First, you will want to pick up a cat carrier which will be useful throughout the life of your Bengal. A heavy ceramic water bowl is recommended as bengals enjoy flipping those light flimsy ones right over!

What to bring with you:

*Cat Carrier with small blanket or towel

* Final Payment Balance due in Cash (preferred) however we also accept Venmo, or Paypal. (no checks)

What we send home:

*Official Purebred TICA paperwork - If the cat is purchased as a breeder,  We hold this until proof of altered if purchased as a pet.

*Vaccination Records



*Deworming twice

*Lots of information for your first night home ~

*Kitten Kibble starter pack 

*30 days of FREE pet insurance

*A lifetime of support that's just a phone call away

Bringing Your New Kitten Home:

Bringing your new kitten home:  We suggest you set up his/her food, fresh water, and clean litter box in a bathroom or laundry room isolated from other pets and young children. We recommend this quarantine period last about 2 weeks.

It is especially important that your kitten is given adequate time to settle in to his/her new home before introducing other household pets. After your kitten has become comfortable around you and your family, we recommend slowly introducing him/her to the layout of the house. We suggest you frequently take kitty back to the litter box so he/she can memorize where it is at and can access it from anywhere in the home. Please supervise all visits until you are certain your kitten is safe and comfortable.

Your kitten will come litter box trained but be aware there will be a transition period in which the kitten must become use to your home environment so do anticipate a little retraining. Keeping the initial living space small and litter boxes close will help eliminate potential problems.


Your kitten will be used to being handled and being in a home environment with children but do expect your kitten to be initially cautious or timid in his/her new environment. Given time and space, your kittens natural curiosity should eventually lead him/her to explore your new home and become comfortable. This transition time period is different for every kitten. Toys will help to calm your kitten and bring out it's playful side.


Your kitten has been eating Purina One True Instinct, we recommend staying with the same food, but If you do choose to feed your kitten different food, do expect a short period of loose stools while the kittens digestive tract becomes familiar with the new food. Cats are naturally carnivores and Bengals are more so due to their ALC (Asian Leopard Cat) hybrid roots.Therefore you should feed your Bengal both wet and dry food that is high in protein and grain-free. Wet food is essential and helps with hydration. Dehydration due to a dry food only diet will stress the Liver and can lead to a domino effect of problems. 


Cat Tree: We suggest also investing in a cat tree for your new kitten which most come with built-in irresistible sisal scratching posts. They are relatively inexpensive and last a very long time. Bengals especially love residing in high places and hammocks.

We highly recommend having a cat tree that's at least 3 feet tall with at least one level usable for a place for the cat to sleep. They will scratch and play and sleep on them. They recognize them as their own special place. Cat trees can be relatively easy to make. They should be located in a place that the family occupies frequently, in a lower traffic area (like a corner of a room vs. being next to a busy hallway) and having it located near a window where they can bask in the sun is always a bonus!

Cat wheels are also wonderful options to stimulate your Bengals.

What About Getting Two Kittens?

If you're thinking about bringing a kitten into your life, there are many reasons why you should actually consider doubling that and bringing home a pair. Starting off with two may actually be much easier and more beneficial for the kittens and for you.

Our experience is that kittens adapt and settle in much better as pairs or into a home that already has another young kitten. If you have decided to buy a Bengal, it's worth considering getting two if you don't already have a young cat in your household.This can be less work for you, because the kittens will expend much of their youthful energy on each other. The companionship will make for more well-adjusted pets and you will almost immediately understand why getting two was the right decision as you watch their interactions.

What If I Have An Older Cat?

Of course it depends on the established cats personality, but in our experience, we find that many adult cats patience can run thin when a kitten wants to play. Though it might sound contrary, an older, established cat will probably accept two kittens better than one. One kitten will seek out the older cat as a playmate, or worse, tease and pester the senior cat which can cause stress to an older cat. The kitten in return, will be rewarded for his playful efforts with hisses and swats. Two kittens will expend their energy in play with each other, leaving their older uncle to relax in peace.

Kittens and Life Enrichment

For a kitten, the ability to have a companion for playtime can be one of the best forms of enrichment. Let's face it, you have to work and spend time away from home and a little kitten can get lonely and even scared. Many people are under the false impression that cats are solitary and don't want companionship but they do have a social structure and most truly benefit and thrive when they have a feline buddy. The companionship two kittens can provide each other may help prevent future behavior problems from boredom or separation anxiety. Often, the bond between two cats who have grown up together becomes very strong and special. Watching two long-time cat companions curled up together as they nap in the afternoon sun is a precious sight.

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