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Our Written Health Guarantee to You

We stand behind all of our kittens! Each of our Bengal Kittens are Veterinarian examined for general well

being and are in good health to the best of our knowledge prior to being placed in your home. Every Kitten comes with 30 Days FREE Trupanion Health Insurance. We suggest you take advantage of this FREE benefit!

We will replace your Bengal for a period of One year from the date of birth if it develops a life-threatening genetic or congenital defect which would affect this Bengal's quality of life or if it dies of HCM.  Veterinary verification required.

Cats that are not properly cared for and/or are not current with veterinary visits and immunizations are not covered.

We believe that our kittens are our responsibility for the duration of their lives, thus we are always available to assist you with questions or concerns regarding your feline friend.  If your Bengal Kitten is purchased as a pet, your kitten must be spayed or neutered before we will send your registration papers. You will need to provide proof in the form of a picture of the receipt for this procedure done by a licensed veterinarian on your particular cat by 5 months of age.


Parents are leukemia FeLV / FIV negative. Your kitten will be up to date with deworming, shots, and vaccinations when he/she is ready to go home with you. Spotsofgold Bengals will provide the TICA registration application form (blue slip) when we have evidence that the kitten has been spayed or neutered.

If your kitten is purchased as a breeder: Spotsofgold Bengals provides a two year (from birth) health guarantee for our Breeder Kittens. We guarantee our breeder kittens against HCM for 2 years. We guarantee SBT breeder kittens to be fertile both male and female.

We consider the health of our kittens to be our number One priority. We do all we can to decrease the likelihood of disease and illness in our kittens, such as FIP, leukemia, HIV or upper respiratory infections. Even with preventative measures, vaccinations, HCM testing we are unable to eradicate disease 100% of the time. No cattery can guarantee this for you. What we can guarantee is that we will be there for you to assist you in dealing with whatever important issues may arise.

You are adopting a very HIGH QUALITY Bengal Companion, who if properly cared for should provide you with years of devoted love, affection and enjoyment. You as a new Bengal Cat owner agree to provide your companion with a life-long commitment of love, appreciation, respect and responsible care.

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