How does a bengal develop?

Let us know who you are and what kind of bengal kitten you're looking for.  Please do not send a deposit until we have been able to discuss what it is that you are looking for.  Our preference is to communicate by e-mail first, as this is the most efficient way for us to send contracts, communicate with potential clients and there is less likelihood of miscommunication. We are however available by phone to discuss any concerns you may have. (209) 351-2108

Our kittens sell very quickly and sometimes several people may be interested in the same kitten. For this reason, we

DO NOT hold kittens without a deposit.  Most of the time our kittens are sold before ever making it to the website, so please contact us about potential new litters.  We understand that you may be disappointed, but if we have another buyer who places their deposit before you do, the kitten will be reserved for them, regardless of how long you have been in communication with us. 

If you have a specific litter that you are interested in, We will accept deposits for first and second pick kittens on litters that have not yet been born. So if you are certain you will want a specific pairing, let us know so we can arrange a deposit for pick of the litter.  Once you have filled out the contract, and reserved your kitten with a $250 deposit, we will move the photos of your kitten to our sold page. There you can continue to see pictures updated about every other week until the kitten is picked up.  We usually keep our kittens until they are 12 weeks of age, depending on the development of the kitten, when we believe it is physically, mentally and socially ready to leave the nest. If we feel that the kitten is ready to leave earlier, we will let you know.  Similarly, if we need to hold a kitten longer, we will also let you know.  A confident bengal is the best kind of bengal! 

**The balance is due at the time of pick up and final payment needs to be in the form of cash, Venmo or paypal.

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How Much Does A Bengal Cost?

We Know Bengals Aren't Cheap, So Really... What's The Difference?

$1200-$1800 = PET QUALITY Bengals exhibit some traits that the breeder does not wish to perpetuate. For example: a longer or thin tail, a tail kink or locket, larger or pointier ears, too much vertical in the pattern, color and clarity of the coat, etc. None of these things put the kitten at a health risk or make it any less of a bengal, but it does eliminate that kitten from being in a breeding program and improving the breed. Most often the quality that distinguishes pet quality from a breeding quality bengal is subtle.


$1800-$2800=TOP QUALITY Bengals exhibit traits that the breeder does wish to perpetuate in the breed. Some top quality kittens may exhibit traits that fall within the pet quality traits however the breeder may feel that the bengal has other attributes to offer that outweighs other factors. These kittens represent good examples of the breed, for this reason we do allow showing in the alter class. Top quality kittens carry the genes and potential to produce as good as themselves, if not better! 

$2800 and up=BREEDER/SHOW QUALITY Bengals are those the best meet the breed standard for breed type, pattern, coloration and confirmation. These are the top of the line that exhibit the best of the best...wild and exotic face, good profile and chin, great with little to no barring, short fat tail, good body confirmation, small rounded ears,etc. These are the very best that we have to offer. 

Prices vary depending on quality and situation. Each kitten is priced individually depending on sex, age, quality of coat, contrast and color, and quality to the confirmation of the bengal breed standard. 


Prices are subject to change either up or down until kitten is secured with a deposit. Once a deposit is placed, the price is set and will not change. $250 non-refundable deposit will hold your pet kitten or $500 for a breeder deposit. 

We will not sell pet quality cats as breeders, but we will sell breeder quality cats as top quality pets. Our policy is to only sell our best kittens as breeders. The kittens price will be higher or lower depending on the kittens color, markings and overall structure. Prices may also be reduced if our kittens need to be homed quickly to make way for new litters. 


Early generation kitten prices range from $2000 and up for males, $4000 and up for females

Prices may also be reduced if our kittens need to be homed quickly to make way for new litters. Our price includes all vaccinations for the kittens age, deworming, and a vet health check before the kitten leaves our cattery.