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How Much Does A Bengal Cost?

We Know Bengals Aren't Cheap, So Really...
What's The Difference?

All of our pet SBT kittens are sold for $2500.  This is the total kitten Price.

We put the same time, energy, veterinary care, and genetic testing into each kitten; therefore, There is no price bouncing and all pet kittens are priced the same. You will find Bengals that cost more than ours, and you will find Bengals that cost less than ours. However, If you do your research, we are certain that you will find unmatched quality, temperment and health. Our kittens are friendly, confident, and well socialized. This set pricing just  keeps things much more simple.

If you are looking at an Early Generation kitten, Or a kitten for a breeding program, please contact us directly as we have a different process for this.

How Do I Reserve A Kitten?

Total Kitten Price: $2500

Down Payment: $500 (included in above price)

The balance is due at the time of pick up (12 weeks old)

If you see a kitten posted on the available page, that kitten is available! We move the photo's of sold kittens once a deposit is placed to hold that kitten.  Serious pet buyers may want to place a down payment to hold their place in line to select a specific colored kitten.  Before you do this, we recommend that you compare our cats to others out there to make sure that a SpotsofGold Bengal Kitten is the right one for you.  Placing a down payment secures the price of your pet. Your deposit will go toward the price of your kitten.  We have a proven track record of consistently producing beautifully rosetted kittens so, we do not bounce our prices around from kitten to kitten.  We do ask that you decide on a gender as we divide our waiting lists by gender.  You will never lose your spot in line once you have paid your down payment to go on the waiting list.  You can only move up, not down. You can pass on as many kittens as you'd like until the right one is born. Then, the final balance is due at the time you come to pick up your kitten.  

How Does The Wait List Work?

First, If you see kittens on the available kittens page, they ARE available and you may choose one!  But if you want to view our wait list to see what types of kittens people are waiting on.  We produce and offer more brown spotted/rosetted kittens than any other color and pattern.  Therefore, the list will move more quickly for people wanting brown spotted/rosetted Bengal kittens.  Once you are on the Wait list, you can expect the following to happen.

  1. Kittens birth to three weeks - We have the right to select and keep kittens as keepers for our program.

  2. Each person on the waitlist will have a Kitten Selection date. They will have 24hrs to either pick one of the available kittens, or pass on the current selection and continue to wait for their ideal kitten.

  3. Once the Waiting List has had the opportunity to pick, then kittens become available to those not on the Waiting List who would like to pick a kitten.

  4. Those people waiting on a replacement kitten for any reason are brought to the head of the wait list.

How Long Is The Wait For A Kitten?

Previous Kittens

How long you wait will largely depend on how specific you are in what you are looking for in a kitten.  We divide our Waitlist by gender.  Our brown spotted/rosetted Waitlist moves much faster than our other colors simply because we produce more of them. If you have color or pattern traits you specifically want, that could make the wait longer.  The shortest wait time is likely to be for a brown spotted/rosetted pet kitten.

Putting Down A Small Deposit

We no longer keep a non-paid waiting list as we found them to be unreliable.  People would ask to be notified when we had kittens but many continue to search and have already found a kitten by the time we contact them.  This just wasn't working for us.  So now we use a deposit to hold your place in line. This weeds out those who are serious and wait to be notified of new litters.

If you'd just like to stay informed on our available kittens, The best way would be to keep checking the website, we do keep it current and update frequently. We post expectant litters and publish our wait list for everyone to clearly see. If you see a kitten marked as being for Waiting List, you can send us a PM and let us know that you'd like to be contacted if that kitten becomes available.  

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