The Pet Wait List  (updated daily)

Below you will find our pet wait list (our Breeder Wait list is kept separately). Names are displayed by first and last initial and are prioritized by the date and time of deposit. ​The wait list includes inactive (non-responsive waitlisters) as well as those who have been waiting a very long time and by-passing litters for reasons such as bad timing, life changes, financial restrictions, etc.    (see the "Key" below for an explanation of the various statuses.)

Everyone appearing on this list has paid the $500 Wait List Deposit (per wait list spot) and receives our Wait List emails. Once they have been offered (and accept) a kitten from a current litter, their name will be removed immediately. The purpose of disclosing the information on this list is to allow you to understand how many people are ahead of you and what sort of kitten(s) they are waiting for.  This will help you to make an informed decision about whether you would like to join the wait list or not. You should also keep an eye on our up coming litters page in conjunction with this list so that you can have a better idea of what's coming up and how quickly the list might move.

*Please note that if we owe a person a replacement kitten, we reserve the right to provide that replacement ahead of those on the wait list.


Initials       Payment received         Status       Gender         Other Preferences or notes

 DE            10-11-2020                        R            Female       Silver - open to male

 AF             11-18-2020                      AW          Male             Snow - interested in other colors also - wants two *

 PM            11-19-2020                      AW          Female         Silver *

 EB             2-19-2021                        AW          Female        sex negotiable, wants snow, silver, charcoal or blue *

 KC             03-17-2021                      AW          Male             Brown kitten sex may be negotiable  *

 DC              4-1-2021                        AW           Male              no preference

 RM             4-7-2021                        AW           Female         sex may be negotiable

P = Has been offered a kitten and has passed. He/she will continue to pass until specific preferences are met.
AW = Actively waiting.  Has not been offered kittens.

R = waiting for a Replacement kitten 
M=male,      F=female


We prefer the use of Venmo for deposits, But we also accept Paypal. We accept personal checks for the wait list deposit and the kitten picking deposit, However it will need to be cash Venmo,

or PayPal only for final payment at kitten pick up.


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