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Our goal is to breed exceptional exotic looking, healthy kittens with superb temperaments, wonderful markings and that fantastic glittered pelt.
About Us

We are a family based Bengal cat breeder located in the northern California foothills.  Our goal is to breed exotic looking healthy kittens with superb temperament, wonderful markings, and that fantastic glittered pelt.  Our kittens and cats live in our home along with our many other furred and feathered family members, and are part of our family. Kittens raised this way have the best temperaments.


All of our kittens are handled from birth by us and treated as part of the family.  Each and every one of our cats are handleable, friendly and enjoy attention.  Socialization is a very important process that helps to promote the unique and desirable Bengal personality traits.

How Much?

There is no price bouncing, and all SBT pet kittens are priced the same, $2500. You will find Bengals that cost more than ours, and you will find Bengals that cost less than ours. However, If you do your research, we are certain that you will find unmatched quality, temperment and health. Our kittens are friendly, confident, and well socialized. This set pricing just  keeps things much more simple.

So Exotic...

Bengals have many different coat colors and eye color combinations.

We primarily breed Brown Rosetted bengals, but we do have Silver, Mink and Sepia Snow, and Blue kittens also.

Learn about all the different types of bengal colors and patterns.

Contact Us

Spots of Gold Bengal Cats

(209) 728-7075  (text)

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